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Develop an effective low-cost system for your fire hazard. the “greenest” alternative to water piped fire sprinklers on earth!

Fireman 24/7 Provides Automatic, Lower Cost, Enviro-friendly Fire Suppression Systems, Without Water, Non-Toxic, Modular, Easy Installation(little or no piping)…to fight Class ABC Fires in critical high hazard areas.

Waterless, No Piping

Localized Fire Suppression, Electronic-Safe, Perfect for Retrofits / New Construction, Code Compliant

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Our Products Fire Suppression Systems

CeaseFire is a patented dual-agent, automatic, fixed overhead fire extinguishing system. Cease Fire combines its unique ABC dry chemical with DuPont’s FE-227 EPA-approved, fire extinguishing clean agent to create a dual-agent gel that provides the most efficient fire suppression.

SEVO Systems offers a SAFE, environmentally sustainable choice in fire suppression, by offering 3M’s NEW! Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid! The cylinder valves are of a pressure-seated high flow rate design, in order to meet the rapid discharge time specified in NFPA 2001

For the protection of valuable, irreplaceable assets, and ultimately your business survival. Fireboy provides you with a significant margin of safety that only time can buy. The multi-sized units protect spaces as diverse as your smallest interior equipment compartments to large pieces of equipment.

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