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Cease Fire

CeaseFire is a patented dual-agent, automatic, fixed overhead fire extinguishing system. Cease Fire combines its unique ABC dry chemical with DuPont’s FE-227 EPA-approved, fire extinguishing clean agent to create a dual-agent gel that provides the most efficient fire suppression.

The agent is non-toxic to occupants and the environment and EPA-approved.

Units are pre-engineered, self-contained, and automatic (heat-activated). No electrical or piping installation is required unless the optional pressure switch is connected to the fire alarm system.

A single Cease Fire unit can protect up to 6750 cubic feet. Clean up is simple.


  • For use in A,B,C fires
  • FM Approved
  • Our patented technology CF-33 (ABC dry chemical with an EPA approved
    fire extinguishing clean agent – Dupont’s FE-227) provides up to 66% more
    efficient fire suppression
  • A single cease fire unit can protect up to 6750 cubic feet
  • Cost effective fire suppression
  • Units are modular – pre-engineered, self-contained, automatic
  • Non toxic / EPA-approved agents
  • No electrical installation required
  • No piping required – easy installation
  • Manual pull stations and signaling equipment can be added(optional)
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